Friday, February 25, 2005

New Poem for the Weekend

The snow has passed through the D.C. area and the sun shines again today. Here's another new poem:

Poem: Naomi

You are not
a metaphor you are
the poem itself:
shapely as a sonnet
you move with
the graceful rhythm
of a pastoral ode yet
you speak with
metaphysical wit.
I am a line
of blank verse
until you lie
beside me
and we rhyme
a perfect couplet.

November 20, 2005


Blogger countrygrrl said...

hey this is well good...this poem..I always admire folks that can do this kind of thing so here's to you...rock out with a big slap dose of emmylou and gram...having a chill out night here in breezy edinburgh having had a chill day off will visit again soon

7:59 PM  
Blogger HeatherBartlett said...

MMMMmmmm....very nice.

Since I am reading backwards to forwards (even though I've read this month's work) I feel like I am watching your romance with Naomi blossom - is she the poet you mentioned to me in our previous email?

10:21 PM  

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