Monday, July 24, 2006

R.I.P. Epitonic

After a ballyhooed relaunch (with a much more complex & less user-friendly interface), Epitonic has slipped into a kind of living death. It's still there, but no updates are being made or planned. There is still some ongoing commentary if you're interested, but I have replaced the link with one to a very fine site called Better Propaganda. Apparently one of the creators of the original Epitonic helped found and continues to be involved with it. It's very nicely designed and rich in content, so give it a look.

I am also with this post fulfilling a promise I made to a recent correspondent who found me through this blog. He is a musician who is trying to get his work out directly to interested listeners. While it's not my favorite kind of music, it's well done and very professionally produced. So please visit wolfmusic and see what you think.


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