Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Smoothing the Texture

One more small revision:

The Texture of Water

The water crinkles
in the pool of a
fountain crumpling
and rippling out to
smooth along the rim
as jets rise and arc and
fray, spilling back, spattering
and pocking the surface,
rippling the texture,
rise, fall, and spatter,
the rhythm of it, the almost
music of it.

Thanks, Jim P., for a very helpful comment!

I've also added a link to a very fine blog, Trout Fishing in Minnesota. As the name implies, Jim H. is a Brautigan fan; he also comments wisely and wittily on other literary matters and baseball. He has left nice comments here and said a few kind words about my work on his blog, and I'm delighted to return the favor.


Blogger Jim H. said...


I worked in a pool hall for a while and learned to play snooker, which in this context is a complete non sequitur, but I had to write something in response to your gracious addition of my little blog to your links.


4:58 PM  

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