Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year News

Welcome to 2014! I have two items of interest to poetry lovers.

§ The 2014 Split This Rock Festival, presenting and celebrating poems of provocation and witness, is coming soon. Running from March 27-30, this event offers workshops, panel discussions, socializing, opportunities for activism, and readings featuring a stellar lineup of writers. The organizers particularly want the public to know that readings by the festival's featured poets are free and open to all and they would love to have large numbers attend, especially residents of the Washington, DC metro area. This festival is a long-running tradition and, to my knowledge, there is nothing like anywhere else. It deserves the strong support and participation of DC-area poets, literary folks of all kinds, and activists. For more information and to register, visit the Split This Rock website.

§ On a more personal note, I want to point my readers a newly posted interview with my dear friend, companion, and comrade-in-poetry Naomi, whose wonderful book, In Yolo County, I have written about before, has an excellent interview at Delphi Quarterly, an online journal featuring interviews with writers of all kind, in which she discusses the genesis of the book and gives some fascinating insights into her process of writing it. It's touching and informative and a good reminder that if you haven't bought the book, now is a good time to do so. Links to ordering it are in the article.

Happy New Year and may it be productive and poetic!

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