Monday, March 23, 2009


Most of my readers know I recently underwent some minor surgery. Both as I was preparing and afterwards, I was stunned by the enormous volume of good wishes I received viae-mail, Facebook, et al. My gratitude is boundless, as is my appreciation for the friendships and connections I have been able to forge.

I am also gratified by two recent publications that I learned of during my time off for recovery. The Smoking Book is a very interesting online publication that is in the process of of gathering poems for an anthology of smoke-themed poems, and apparently posting poems accepted as they are received. I will be adding an .mp3 of my reading of the poem soon, so check back later.

Hit and Run Magazine takes images of works-in-progress and other "raw materials" of literary creation and posts them online. A very cool site well worth checking out.

Both pubs are still actively soliciting submissions, so if you have work, drafts, sketches, coffee-stained notebook pages, etc., consider sending them in!


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