Tuesday, June 03, 2008


A new poem:

Found Money

Windfall: a ten-dollar bill
on the library floor next to
the drinking fountain and
with about four dollars
in my wallet and another
fifty in the bank I
could really use it but
I looked around and asked
a man going out if he
had dropped it and he said
no and I thought
I might have said yes
since who would know
but then I noticed
his small daughter
tugging his pant leg
and staring up at him
and I thought
he's setting an example
and then I thought
of my two teenage sons
who miss nothing
and felt a mild pang
at their absence
and also at my
imagined dishonesty
how many moments
in one's life pivot
on seeming luck
or grace like
found money.

As always, this poem benefited greatly from the careful attention and insightful suggestions of my friend Naomi. So I am very pleased to note that she has followed me into The Scrambler. Follow the link to read her poem in the June issue.

On a less happy note, Liza at copy, right? has decided to cease. Since I love finding unusual cover songs, I have added a link to a very good covers blog entitled Coverfreak. Check it out!

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