Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Year, New Post

Belated Happy New Year! I've been busy first with holidays, then a trip home to Texas (from which the above photo of the Trinity River came), and then getting fully re-engaged with work.

I did manage finally to revise a recent poem after the usual careful reading and excellent comments from Naomi:

See in the Dark

“When what you write about is what you see,
what do you write about when it’s dark?”
—Charles Wright

Faces of lost loves
and my sons when
they were small,
heat shimmer off
a Texas highway
when I was a boy,
the woman gesturing
to no one on the bus
this morning.
Even with the light off
it’s never completely dark:
I can see the pale green
numbers on a digital clock
and streetlight filtered
by the blinds and
ambient light from
who knows where.

I hope 2008 is happy and productive for everyone!

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