Friday, August 31, 2007

Music & Love

"This is what happens to us in music: First one has to learn to hear a figure and melody at all, to detect and distinguish it, to isolate and delimit it as a separate life. Then it requires some exertion and good will to tolerate it in spite of its strangeness, to be patient with its appearance and expression, and kind-hearted about its oddity. Finally there comes a moment when we are used to it, when we wait for it, when we sense that we should miss it if it were missing; and now it continues to compel and enchant us relentlessly until we have become its humble and enraptured lovers who desire nothing better from the world than it and only it.

But that is what happens to us not only in music. That is how we have learned to love all things that we now love.... even those who love themselves will have learned it this way; for there is no other way. Love, too, has to be learned." —Nietzsche

And concerning music, my good pal Ed, driver & Cruise Director of The Old Blue Bus has an excellent post about Leon McAuliffe, Bob Wills' great steel guitarist, that contains some kind words about Yours Truly. Go check it out. Back atcha, Ed!

Friday, August 24, 2007


I've been settling back into harness this week after returning from Chincoteague. The above photo is one I took while walking through town. To see a few others, mostly by my very talented son Alex, go to my Flickr page. And keep watching that space as I expect to be adding more soon.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nearing Vacation

A few odds & ends before I leave for Chincoteague this weekend.

Black Lamb is a literary tabloid published in Portland, Oregon. My local good friend (and ace scribe) Jim Patton is a regular contributor. Read some of his work and other fine pieces on their new website.

The F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival is upcoming in Rockville. Thanks to previously unknown reader Lisa Friedman for the information!

I've cleaned up some links and added Black Lamb.

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