Monday, December 10, 2012

Back in Print!

When my first book Signs of Small Grace was published in 2010, it was the culmination of many years' effort and the fulfillment of a long-time dream. The quick follow-up of my second, Drinking Weather, only added to the thrill of book publication at last. So I was deeply disappointed and sad when Pudding House, the publisher of Signs, abruptly and mysteriously disappeared late last year. I had given away or sold all the copies I had received and was down to my one personal copy.

It now gives me great pleasure to announce my book's resurrection, thanks to the great generosity and practical help from several of my colleagues at National Geographic. If you never acquired a copy or need another, please contact me (click on my profile pic to the right and find my e-mail if you need it).

Thanks again to all of you who have been so generous and warm in supporting me and my writing over the years. It is a bit of a cliche but true and heartfelt that you help me keep going and growing as a poet.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Time to Order

At the end of August, I announced the very happy news that my dearest friend Naomi had her chapbook accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press, the same fine press that published my Drinking Weather. I am now pleased to report that the book, In Yolo County, is now available for preorder. As many of you will remember from my experience, it is critical to get a good number of preorders in order to assure a good print run. So please try to order one (or more—it would make a great gift!) between now and January 11; it will ship on or about March 9, 2013. I do hope you will support Naomi as warmly and enthusiastically as you did me. The book tells the fascinating and moving story of the courtship of her paternal grandparents against the backdrop of the Great Depression in the American West. I had the privilege of offering feedback on most of the poems and I can assure you that you will derive great pleasure and interest from reading them.

Order from Finishing Line. Thanks and continued warm holiday wishes to all!

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