Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd let readers know I'm still around and even—when I can—still writing. I recently stumbled upon (using StumbleUpon!) an interesting site called One Word. Each week, they present one word and you have 60 seconds to write whatever that word inspires. You can then save the result, post it, or just move on. As someone who sometimes needs a bit of a jolt to get writing, I've found it very stimulating. Here's a recent draft:


gentle the flow
of water under and around
the leaves on the surface
just ruffled by a gentle
breath of wind gentle as
a sun ray on a winter

I hope to find some time to develop this soon. Comments as always are welcome.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

New/Old Poem

Recently, while riding the bus to work, I reached into the inside pocket of the jacket I was wearing and found one of the many small notebooks I use to jot down ideas, lines, images, or more mundane items I need to remember. I came upon the following lines that I had originally put down in October 2004. At the time I must have considered them an opener which eventually became a fragment. But on reading them again four years later, it seemed to be a fairly complete poem. As always, I ran it by Naomi for her usual keen insights, made a couple of minor revisions, and present it now. Comments still very welcome.

A Kind of Dawn

Full moon shines
through a tissue
of cloud that
falls away
and drifts like
breath slowly
along a deep
surface of sky.